Here’s a note from our President regarding the COVID-19 constraints and curling in January 2022:

“The Board of the NCCC met tonight to discuss opportunities for curling practises in keeping with current Provincial restrictions.  These restrictions are presently in place until January 12th but it seems highly likely that  they will be extended beyond that date.

We have determined that, while the restrictions are in place, we will be able to offer practice curling sessions by cohorts four nights per week:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Each cohort will be comprised of 8 people. You can sign up for a cohort on this page.

Only sheets 1 and 3 will be available each night and we will have staggered starts6:45 for sheet 1 and 7 pm for sheet 3.  We would ask people  not to use the changing rooms but come prepared to go on the ice.  

Once cohorts are established, you will only be able to practice within that cohort.  Members cannot practice in different cohorts on different nights.  However, if time slots are available, a cohort may be able to attend more than one night per week. However, priority will be given to ensure that anyone who wants to practice will get a chance first, before multiple nights are scheduled.  

People who live/work together should be in the same cohort so as to minimize expanding bubbles.  

During practice times, games are not allowed. So, no score keeping or results tallying. Each cohort can decide whether they wish to run practice drills or play unscored ends.  Each cohort can decide whether they wish to practice in two set teams of four or mix it up from day to day.  

Face masks will be required during practises and social distancing should be observed to the extent possible.  The club will re-institute rock cleaning before and after practises.  The scoreboard will not be used.  

Socializing before and after practices will not be possible at this time. 

Stay tuned for further details.”

We are the New Caledonian Curling Club, of Pictou, Nova Scotia. We play at the Pictou Curling Centre located along the Pictou waterfront at 66 Celidh Ave.

Our club was founded in 1850 as the Pictou Curling Club, playing outdoors on various ponds around the town. In 1852 the club sought and achieved accreditation by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Scotland (see here) and soon after the clube was renamed after the RCCC, becoming the New Caledonian Curling Club. We moved to our present location (an indoor facility!) in 1910, installing both our chilled, concrete floor & the present clubhouse in the 1980’s.