2020 COVID-19 “Return to Play Plan”

With Dr. Strang’s recent announcement that – in a sports setting – groups of 50 do not need to social distance – this means that while on the ice surface, participants do not need to social distance.  

  1. Use of face masks on the ice surface is determined by each player.   If a player leaves the ice surface for any reason, a face mask is to be worn inside the facility.
  2. Two sweepers can now be used
  3. Skips and thirds can remain together at the backboard.
  4. Rocks can now be swept after the tee line.

Basically, curling ON the ice can go back to normal effective 01 Oct 2020.

Locker rooms and washrooms are still inside the clubhouse, so a mask and social distancing remain in effect. All other cleaning and safety protocols will remain in place.  Please remind your members that sanitizing rocks, measuring devices and scoreboards prior to use is still in effect.

Before: Nova Scotia Curling has put forward their 2020 “Return to Play” in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You might wish to acquaint yourself with the likely changes we’ll see in the 2020-21 season – you can read more…