2020 COVID-19 “Return to Play Plan”


These guidelines have been developed for the safe reopening of the New Caledonian Curling Club for curling and for the use of the bar, as well as to help mitigate future Covid -19 risks. The New Caledonian Curling Club has developed these guidelines to agree with the approved Nova Scotia Curling Return to play plan and the current Nova Scotia Public Health orders. This is a living document and the guidelines will be updated, with all members informed of any changes as required.  

Clubhouse General  Guidelines

Signage will be posted at the entrance with Covid -19 symptoms listed and informing curlers not to enter the premises if they are displaying any symptoms.

All members will be required to wear a mask as mandated by the Nova Scotia Health Authority  when entering the curling clubhouse.

 Disposable masks will be available at the entry to the clubhouse from both the outside and from the ice in case you have forgotten your personal mask.

Please come ready to play with curling shoes in hand. Change rooms are open but are limited to a maximum number of people based on the ability to physically distance at all time. The upstairs washrooms will be open.

There will be 2 tables in the clubhouse designated for each sheet of ice. You may sit at your table to change into you curling shoes and to leave your coat, outer footwear and other belongings at when you are on the ice. Your team can return to your table to change and socialize at after the game.

Please sanitize hands when entering the clubhouse from the outside and when coming off of the ice. Hand sanitizer will be placed on the wall at all doorways and other locations in the clubhouse and on the ice. Please use it.

When entering the clubhouse you will either check with the draw master or check off your name and phone number from the draw sheet as well as the time in and out. Spares will enter their information on the sheet. This is required for Contact Tracing.

You must adhere to the provincial guidelines on physical distancing and respect the travel direction as well as signage at the club.

All guest tables will be separated to allow a minimum of 6 feet physical distancing.

Non- members are not permitted to enter the club at this time with the exception of parents dropping off and picking up Junior Curlers.

 Bar/ Socialization

Everyone must maintain physical distancing and directional flow of traffic in the clubhouse at all times.

You must have your mask on at all times while in the clubhouse except while seated and having a drink or snack.

Hand sanitizer will be available at several locations in the clubhouse. Please use it.

The bar will not open until after the draw starts. This will help maintain physical distancing in the clubhouse prior to going on the ice.

The bar door must be closed with a plexiglass barrier on the counter for separation. 

We will not be accepting any form of (cash, debit or credit card) payment at the bar for purchases. Each member will be asked to submit the amount of $20.00 or more if you wish at registration for a bar tab credit. Your transactions will be deducted on your tab until it is at zero, and you may make payment for another credit at any time. If after the season you have a credit on your tab it will be paid out to you.

You must wear your mask when going to the bar.

Only one person at a time allowed at the bar. Others waiting, must be maintaining physical distancing.

All drinks will be poured into glasses with the exception of water, with no bottles or cans allowed on the tables. You are responsible to dispose of you drinking glass in the proper container so no one else has to touch it. 

You must be seated if you are having a beverage or a snack from the bar.

There will be disinfectant spray and paper towel on the tables. Please sanitize your table if you have finished so the next person can have a clean table to sit at.

You can’t deliver a drink to anyone at their table. You must pick up your own drink at the bar, and go directly to your table or chair.

On the Ice

You will be required to sign a Declaration of Compliance and a Waiver/Assumption of Risk form prior to curling.

Don’t come to the club earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your draw.

All curlers are to enter the ice shed through Ice 1 door and exit the shed through the Ice 3 door.

The Monday night league will have games on Ice 1 and Ice 3 start from the clubhouse end and Ice 2 start from the far end to help with physical distancing.

In the Industrial League when all 3 sheets are in use the times will be staggered. Ice 3 will start at 7 pm, Ice 2 at 7:10 and Ice 1 at 7:20.

You will not be required to wear a facemask in the ice shed while curling according to the current Nova Scotia Public Health Orders, however it is recommended that you wear one.

You are encouraged to bring your own equipment. Club owned equipment will be available for you to use, but you will be responsible for sanitizing it before and after use.

Hammer will be predetermined on the schedule. Hammer teams have red stones.

At the start of the game, the hammer team will proceed to the ice, sanitize their stones then go to the far end of the rink for their practice slides. Non-hammer teams will then enter the ice shed, sanitize their stones and complete their warm up at the home end. 

To disinfect the stones spray disinfectant onto disposable paper towel away from the ice surface and wipe the stone handles. DO NOT SPRAY THE HANDLES DIRECTLY TO AVOID DAMAGING THE ICE. Dispose of the paper towel in the garbage.

No hand shaking before or after the game.

Designate one person per game to mark the score for both teams. That person will sanitize the numbers before and after the game using the same method as cleaning the stones.

Please stand on the designated spots on your sheet of ice when the opposing team is throwing their stones. This helps us maintain physical distancing when on the ice.

We will not be using the rock measuring stick at this time. Mates will have to make the decision.