industrial league guidelines

Industrial League Guidelines for 2018-2019

  1.   We are adopting the five (5) rock rule this year. Rocks in front of the rings can’t be removed from play until five rocks have been thrown in an end. Previously, the rule was four (4) rocks in what’s known as the free guard zone.
  2.  Please be punctual and be on the ice at 6:30 for the early draws. In order to get the late draw started on time we will ring the bell at 8:25. If there are any games still in the 7th end that don’t have the Skips throwing their last rocks, it will be your last end of play. There will be no exceptions even if there is no game on your sheet on the second draw.
  3.   A draw to the button after a tie game will be used to declare the winner. Take your rock to the scoreboard end and throw toward the glass.
  4.  Team dues this year will be $ 80.00 per team, a slight increase from last year. We are playing a twenty game schedule this year so at $20.00 per player that’s a loonie a game.
  5.   The playoff format this year will be different. Every team will be eligible to be in the playoffs but only the top 4 teams will be in the Championship round and the remaining 7 teams will go into the Consolation round. It will be a single knock out tournament.
  6.   If you cancel a game, and we have all needed to do it at one time or another, it has to be rescheduled within 2 weeks. There is ice available most Tuesday and Thursday nights for any makeup games as well as weekends. No more waiting until you play the same team the next time and making it a 4 point game. Because of the new playoff format this year it is important that every team play all of their league games.
  7.   If we have to cancel all the games due to weather on a League night we will not make the games up unless that happens more than twice. We are already playing league games on two Saturdays this year.
  8.   New rocks, new ice making equipment, let’s have some fun.